Glad about the Love

Customer's Voice

The Super Sprouted Breakfast Blast Combo is awesome. Everyone in my family, including my kids, loves these chillas. I am so happy to see my kids' tiffins empty. Thanks for these kinds of box blasts.

Khushu From Himachal

The protein bites were really tasty and my favorite part. I enjoyed them a lot because they were delicious and made a great snack. They're healthy too, which makes me happy.

Nidhi Tiwari From Punjab

My 5-year-old always had excuses about his lunch box and breakfast, which had me worried about his healthy eating. But now, I'm so relieved and happy with Gladful. My boy loves the ragi dosa so much that he finishes his lunch box every day. I'm really happy about his healthy eating habits. Thank you, Gladful!

Neha Agarwal From Delhi

Kids can be very picky eaters, so when they like something, it means it's really delicious. They always want to eat the chillas, and it's not just them; even other family members love the chillas too.

Shweta From UP

I absolutely love these breakfast mixes. They're so easy to prepare and perfect for early mornings. As a mom, it's a relief not to worry about preservatives and additives. I can pack the chillas and pancakes for my kid's lunch boxes every day.

Ekta Batnagar From Haryana

Packing Tradition in Convenience: India's Gladful on family-friendly formats to address India's Protein Deficiency problem

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Brother-Sister Duo Are Solving an ‘Invisible’ Nutrition Crisis With Protein Snacks

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Gladful is creating a portfolio of easy-to-consume foods that are Hi-Protein and making school tiffin boxes, healthier and easier.

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Gladful aims to provide tasty protien snacks for children

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Gladful’s vision is to solve India’s protein and other nutritional deficiencies

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Gladful Bags 3-shark Deal worth Rs 50 Lakh at Shark Tank

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