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Almonds and Cashews Combo

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Crrrrunchyyy Crisssppiiey choicest Almonds & Cashews air roasted to perfection in Himalayan Pink Salt!

Just with all other Gladful goodies, these wholesome almonds & cashews are picked with utmost care. Also, no baddies like maltodextrin (keep reading to know what that is).

If you love snacking and never want to stop at a handful, try our air-roasted almonds & cashews and be prepared bowled over by its crunchhh and crisssppiness.

Did you notice we mention these don’t contain Maltodextrin? It is essentially a sweetener that’s used to form a savory or sweet coating for snacks such as chips, salted almond & cashews, and more. Here’s why manufactures tend to sprinkle it everywhere: as a preservative, it tends to absorb water and also works as a flavor enhancer.

Maltodextrin has a GI (Glycemic Index) ranging from 106 to 136 😳, even higher than table sugar. For some perspective on how high that is, and to justify the use of a shocked emoji, table sugar’s GI is around 65. We made sure to avoid it and you better avoid it too!