Your FAQ's

How much protein is essential daily?

A rule of thumb is to consume at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight daily. In case you are active then maybe a little more :)  

For instance, a person weighing 70kg should aim for at least 70 grams of protein daily, as our body does not store protein and requires daily replenishment.

What kind of protein do you put in your products?

We use a variety of protein sources in our products to keep you fueled and satisfied. You'll find ingredients like nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and grains, all carefully selected to provide you with a balanced and delicious source of protein. So whether you're snacking on our bars or enjoying our breakfast options, you can trust that you're getting the protein that will help you power through your day.

Are these products suitable for kids/babies?

ur Sprouted Breakfast Range is loved by parents because it's gentle on little tummies and ideal for kids who enjoy mild flavours and can chew easily. Made from wholesome legumes and lentils, it's a nutritious choice. However, it's always a good idea to consult your doctor if your child has allergies or isn't accustomed to packaged foods.

What kind of sugar do you use?

We use unrefined cane sugar, steering clear of sugar alcohols, aspartame, and artificial sweeteners. Our cookies and pancakes have 40% less sugar than traditional ones, and our date-nut bars are sweetened with dates and fruits.

Are these products suitable for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes?

Our sprouted breakfast items are gluten-free, maida-free, and low in cholesterol and trans-fat, providing a protein boost from easily digestible sprouted legumes and millets. However, our whole wheat cookies contain unrefined cane sugar.

Additionally, our Date Nut squares are sweetened with dates and fruits. We recommend consulting a doctor before adding new items to your diet. 

Can adults also enjoy these products?

Yes, our products are great for adults too! They're made without any preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, or cholesterol. Check out our sprouted breakfast options, protein cookies, and protein dessert bites to find what you love!

Which of our products don’t contain gluten?

All products in our Sprouted Breakfast Range are gluten-free and vegan. They're crafted with sprouted legumes and millet, without any maida or trans-fats. This range offers a variety of Sprouted Chillas, Dosas, and millet-based pancakes.

Why is protein essential for overall health?

Protein is crucial for everyone, supporting not only muscle growth but also immune function and overall well-being. It plays a vital role in various bodily functions, contributing to optimal health and vitality.

Does protein intake lead to weight gain?

Excessive calorie intake from any source can contribute to weight gain. Therefore, moderation is essential when consuming protein-rich foods.

How can one place bulk orders or inquire about distributorship?

For inquiries regarding gifting or bulk orders, please reach out to us at Whether it's for birthday parties, return gifts, or holiday gatherings, our nutritious snack options are perfect for any occasion!