Why did our grandma always feed us sprouts?

Why did our grandma always feed us sprouts?

Sprouts are simply whole-grain seeds that have just begun to germinate. The process of turning seeds into tiny little plants is quick and easy; however, the nutritional benefits they offer are huge.

Rich in nutrients: The process of germination and sprouting produces Vitamin C. It is also a  great source of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, B2,  folate, fiber, and magnesium. It is one of the easiest ways to help your child get maximum nutrients in just a few spoons. Apart from that, a lot of women in  India suffer from Iron deficiency called Anemia which sprouts can help to prevent.

Sprouting helps in Digestibility: Sprouts help in breaking down dense vegetable protein into easy-to-digest amino acids.  It also converts complex crabs into simple glucose molecules. Along with that, it reduces intestinal gas generally caused by eating legumes. So this an important especially for babies who are just learning how to digest new food.

Power packed with protein: Sprouting increases the protein content in a tremendous way making it more digestible and easy on our bodies to sustain and build muscle. With that, it also naturally increases the presence of Vitamin  B12 which a lot of veggies lack. On top of that, it also reduces the starch content making it low GI and highly beneficial.

Removes Anti Nutrients: These grains have a lot of nutrients along with a few anti-nutrients like Phytic Acids which make it hard for the body to digest the necessary nutrients. The process of soaking and sprouting is necessary for neutralizing these compounds before giving them to kids.

Control hunger pangs: Munching on Sprouts keeps you full for a longer time and prevents unhealthy cravings between meals. This again becomes important for children, who get tempted to immediately grab junk food when they are hungry.

Maintains balance of Acidic & Alkaline levels- Some foods are acid forming and some foods are alkalizing. We need to have a good balance of both for optimal health. Grains and legumes are generally acidic, but by sprouting them, they become more alkaline forming food. With our hectic schedule, we tend to eat a lot of sodium and sugar. Sprouting will ensure that your family’s diet is well-balanced in both forms.

Boon for Diabetics - Soaked and germinated grains are highly effective blood sugar regulators, making this life-saving food for diabetics. A high concentration of medicinal compounds makes sprouted grains a functional food that can play a part in treating specific diseases.
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