What is an ideal breakfast for pre-teens & teenagers?

What is an ideal breakfast for pre-teens & teenagers?

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What is an ideal breakfast for pre-teens & teenagers?

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day! We hear that a lot, and in many ways it's true. It’s the first meal of the day. It helps you refuel your body after hours of sleep.

A healthy breakfast can be quick and easy for you or your child to make.Breakfasts can also be made ahead of time, and some are portable for eating on the go.

Kids who eat breakfast:

  • kick-start their metabolism
  • be more active
  • be more creative
  • have better problem-solving skills
  • meet daily nutritional requirements
  • do better in school

Teens can be picky eaters. Studies suggest that frequently missing breakfast could reduce a teen’s cognitive and academic performance However, unfortunately, 20-30 percent of teens skip their breakfast knowingly.

What’s an ideal breakfast should consist of ?

An ideal breakfast should contain the following:

  • It should include good amount of protein & fibre
  • It should contain low fat dairy products
  • It should contains some crabs
  • It shouldn't be high on sugar and preservatives

Some fun breakfast ideas for you and your family

Skipping breakfast can make kids feel tired, restless, or irritable. The morning meal doesn't have to be all about traditional breakfast items. You can mix it up to include different foods and still help get their daily nutrient requirement.



1. Eggs based breakfast: Eggs are staple breakfast options because they are very versatile and rich in protein and other nutrients. Proteins found in these are very essential for kids. It helps in tissue and muscle building.

2. Say yes to tofu/ paneer: Tofu/paneer are easy ways to substitute eggs for vegetarians.They are rich in protein and calcium which helps in growth and development of a child. They are filled with  fibre iron, magnesium, phosphorus,and zinc. They will help in the  development of your child’s immune system.

3. High  protein chillas: Chillas are very underrated Indian breakfast options. These are made out of besan, sooji, sprouts, lobia, amaranths, lentils etc. Chillas are a very easy and delicious way to curate an ideal breakfast. They are high protein, fibre and have a decent amount of crabs. They are generally gluten free and could be a very good option for even patients with PCOS & diabetics.

4. Yummy Poha: One of the most famous breakfast options all across the nation, poha has everything that you can ask for. It is light on your stomach but filling enough to keep the hunger pangs away for hours. Moreover, it is also rich in carbs, proteins, fibre, and fats. You can add some peanuts to it to push up the protein content.

5. Oats all the way: Oats are a superfood which is rich in fibre, promotes fullness, eases the insulin response and benefits the gut. It's also a great source of antioxidants,  vitamin B & E and minerals such as magnesium.  There are great ways to consume oats.  From oats pancake, to sweet & savoury porridge these are all fun and easy options for an ideal breakfast.


6. Drink it up: Breakfast smoothies are an easy way to pack an entire meal into a drink. They’re also a good way to add extra fruits and vegetables to your child’s diet. Some research  suggests that smoothies help your child increase their daily fruit intake. Using a small serving of unsweetened fresh or frozen fruit along with a handful of leafy green vegetables, a spoonful of nut butter for healthy fat, and either milk or Greek yoghurt can create a very yummy and nutritious smoothie.

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