5 healthy habits to include in you child's lifestyle

5 healthy habits to include in you child's lifestyle

5 healthy habits to include in your child's lifestyle

Kids have the ability to retain numerous physical and mental attributes from a very young age. As parents, we always strive our best to give them a good habit. Apart from passing on genes, we can also help them learn and sustain important healthy habits which can be very fruitful for them in the long run. 

  • Never skip breakfast: The most important meal of the day is breakfast, which is also sometimes the most overlooked. Most kids have a tendency to skip breakfast, and often, their parents don't discipline them for it. You must make it a priority as a parent to urge strongly on a protein rich healthy breakfast each morning and not to take this lightly.
  • Limit their screen-time: Children and teenagers are exposed to digital media at all hours of the day, and television, as they grow up in this new environment. Parents are crucial in helping their kids learn how to use screen time in a positive way that improves daily living.

    • Indulge in physical activities: Going outside to play has become a faraway reality, one that is never explored, thanks to the development and widespread use of technology. However, it goes without saying that nothing can replace the advantages to the body and mind that come from engaging in physical activity. It helps your child's mind stay sharp while also keeping their body in shape.
    • Read more: Habits do not come easy and as a parent it is your responsibility to induce them in your kids . Try to make your child read a few pages everyday till they take it up themselves out of their volition. Creating a lifestyle which  includes a mixture of good habits can be very fruitful for your kids. 
  • Drink water: It's vital to make sure your child understands the value of water. It’s imperative to educate them about the sugar content and harm sodas contain.  Sugar contained in soft drinks add no nutrients, instead it adds up the unnecessary calories which may lead to several health problems.  It is essential they understand the effect sugar tends to have on our body in the long term.  So make sure you teach this healthy habit to your kid.

  • It is not always easy to encourage your child to follow healthy    habits. It can't be hard but don't quit.Try hard to make them learn because following these tips may help your kid follow a healthy lifestyle right from childhood.

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