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Chocolatey Protein Mini Cookies

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Carbs equal to half a banana, Protein equal to one egg and fibre equal to one carrot per serve. These chocolate mini cookies are kid’s favourite (isn’t that obvious, duh? It’s chocolate!)
With an irresistible chocolate flavour, these minis are set to change the mainstream  snacking game forever. Made with all the wholesome ingredients, these Gladful Chocolate Protein Minis have ingredients that are chock full of protein, fibre and decadence. It has the power of 3 proteins: Pea, Rice, Whey from Milk-it’s almost hard to believe that this delicious treat is both high in protein and low in sugar!
Made with the power of three proteins Pea, Rice and Whey from Milk these are sure to become your snack time favorites.

These are made with whole wheat and unrefined cane sugar and have:



Storage instructions
-To be stored in a cool and dry place.
-The jar should be capped once used.

Why I started Gladful

I was taken aback when I found out that my little one’s protein intake was insufficient.

The doctor explained how the typical Indian diet doesn’t have the amount of protein we need.


We started working with nutritionists and chefs to design the right products. After endless trials, we were quite happy with what we came up with.

Our products are high in Protein and Fiber, with No Maida, No Trans Fats, No Preservatives, and No Cholesterol.