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01. Why do we need protein?

We need to get our bodies moving in the right direction with protein.

Protein is essential to a healthy body and an active lifestyle.

Muscle movers. And maintainers. Energy givers. Hunger busters.

Protein does the heavy lifting on helping you get the most out of your muscles.

You’re chasing kids. Kids are lifting heavy school bags. Cycling. Playing. Going for a marathon bike ride. It all takes muscle. And those muscles need protein to perform, as well as repair after all that activity.

Apart from the muscles, protein does a million other things in our body – from regulating hormones to oxygenating, from nails to skin, we need protein for everything!

02. How do I know if I or my child needs protein?

As a rule of thumb rule, we need 1 gm pf protein per kg of body weight every day. The number increase from to 1.5 – 2 gm if the child is active.

Our suggestion would be to measure your diet intake for a week through a protein calculator (we are building one soon). If we go as per research (this was a pan India research across urban centers by National Institute of nutrition), 80% Indians including kids are deficient in protein.

03. Protein deficiency and kids?

Its important to note that kids have 2 big spurts of growth. One when they are under the age of 2 (when they are babies essentially) and the other when they are in their adolescence. Adolescence is a nutritionally critical period because here a normal trajectory of growth suddenly gains velocity. The body is going through rapid change and nutrients need to support this or else, the kids lose out on their opportunity to maximize growth.

04. What are our 3 simple rules of snacking?

Gladful has been designed with macros which ideal for snack time. Our three simple rule of snacking are based on our principle: “Every bite should serve a purpose”. We have designed out snack that way.


    1. Protein: the snack should deliver at least 20% of the day’s protein requirement
    2. Fiber: the snack must offer fiber for good digestion
    3. Sugar: Should be lesser or around 5-6gm per snack time

Whenever we snack (Gladful or no Gladful), we try to tick at least 2 or all 3 of these parameters.

05. How many Gladful cookies can the kid have at a go? Are too many cookies harmful?

Gladful has been designed in a way that it satiates hunger. Each cookie weighs between 1.5 – 2 grams (which is one tenth the size of a normal cookie). Kids can have 12-13 cookies or more because they weigh so little. 12-13 cookies offer 5 gms of protein which is 20% of your child’s daily requirement*.


In other words, this serve size has protein equal to 1 egg, fiber equal to 1 medium sized carrot and carbs of less than half a banana.

06. Do the cookies have sugar?

Yes, the cookies have sugar for sweetness but they have unrefined cane sugar with all the good vitamins intact. White sugar is notorious for being washed with sulfur so we stick to unrefined sugar.

Secondly, the overall content is less. These cookies have almost 40% lesser sugar than your regular cream cookie!

07. Why is the packaging in Jars?

We want our packaging to be easy to store or serve and also be reusable. We know that our little friends can do fun things with the jar – like making a bird feeder or using it as a button box. We also send seeds with each pack so that you can sow tiny plants and keep in your balcony or desk once the cookie jar is over.

08. Do you take bulk orders?

We love gifting and we are sure you would love to send our cookie jars as well! For bulk orders, please write to hello@gladful.in. Be it a birthday party return gifts or a Christmas party, our cookie jars are ideal healthy snacks for gifting.

09. Do we customize for bulk orders?

Yes, we do customize the packaging for a small extra cost. It depends on the size of the order.