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Air Roasted Salted Almonds

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Crrrrunchyyy Crisssppiiey choicest Almonds air roasted to perfection in Himalayan Pink Salt!

Just with all other Gladful goodies, these wholesome almonds are picked with utmost care. Also, no baddies like maltodextrin (keep reading to know what that is).

If you love snacking and never want to stop at a handful, try our air-roasted almonds and be prepared bowled over by its crunchhh and crisssppiness.

Did you notice we mention these don’t contain Maltodextrin? It is essentially a sweetener that’s used to form a savory or sweet coating for snacks such as chips, salted almond & cashews, and more. Here’s why manufactures tend to sprinkle it everywhere: as a preservative, it tends to absorb water and also works as a flavor enhancer.

Maltodextrin has a GI (Glycemic Index) ranging from 106 to 136 😳, even higher than table sugar. For some perspective on how high that is, and to justify the use of a shocked emoji, table sugar’s GI is around 65. We made sure to avoid it and you better avoid it too!