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The Premium Roasted Snack Party - (6 Jars)

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A delightful assortment with something for everyone. From the rich crunch of Roasted Almonds to the sweet indulgence of Gur Channa, this carefully curated selection ensures a perfect treat for every palate."

Features and Benefits:

  • Pure Ingredients: No Palm Oil, Maltodextrin or Preservatives 
  • Packed in Premium quality Jars with Aluminum Lids 
  • 100% Transparency: Zero Transfat, Cholesterol, or Artificial Flavours 
  • Carbon Footprint: We are a certified Plastic-Neutral org 


    1. Roasted Almonds: Roasted Almonds and Himalayan Pink Salt. 
    2. Roasted Cashew: Roasted Cashews and Himalayan Pink Salt.
    3. Gur Channa Delights: Chickpea (Channa) & Jaggery ( Gur)
    4. Roasted Green Moong:  Green Moong, Black Salt, Dry Mango Powder, Black Pepper, Clove, Malic Acid, and Sunflower oil. Oil Sprayed for seasoning application only.
    5. Pepper Soybean: Soyabean, Himalayan Salt, Carom seeds, Black Pepper, Dry mango powder, Black salt, Bay leaves powder, Fennel seed, Asafoetida,  Acidity Regulator. Sunflower Oil. Oil Sprayed for seasoning application only.
    6. Roasted Peanuts: Peanut, Edible Common Salt, Sunflower Oil. Oil Sprayed for seasoning application only.

    Back of Pack: 

    Net Weight: 650 g

    Shelf Life: 6 months 

    This pack contains:  Roasted Almond Jar X 1, Roasted Cashew Jar X 1, Gur Channa Jar X 1, Roasted Green Moong Jar X 1, Pepper Soybean Jar X 1, Roasted Peanut Jar X  1. 

    Allergen info - Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and other nuts.

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